This week we’re on our way to MSR Houston for the weekend. So, we decided to ask our instructors a few questions before they hit the road. Find out what question our customers wanted our professional driving instructors to answer. 

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What’s the most challenging type of turn to coach a 1st-time driver through and why?

  • Alex Awsumb (Chief Instructor NOLA): I would say it’s the preconceptions and existing habits that present the biggest challenge. Corners are easy if you get their eyes pointed in the right place but daily driver muscle memory always pops up.
  • Cal DeNyse (Chief Instructor): Toughest turns are blind turns. When you have to use a reference point to know where you are going, it becomes an added challenge. You can always tell the drivers who have been for the ride along first when you get to these because they understand the reference you are using.
  • Jimmy Johnson (Lead Instructor & Safety Director): Decreasing radius hairpin turns after a long high-speed straightaway is difficult. Getting the average driver slowed sufficiently, having them look continuously through the turn and starting the turn later as to apex in the correct spot for a safe corner exit. This combination can be Xtremely difficult at times.
  • Nicholas Seymour (Lead Instructor): I concur with Cal and Jimmie. A track like AMP that has multiple blind turns and is one of the most fun to drive. I always prepare a new driver of the surprise turns waiting ahead especially Turn 12 and 13, and tell them to trust me when giving directions. So when we approach the blind turn, I say this is the turn I was talking about in the pits and the driver is ready. The turn may be blind but our communication and confidence are not. Decreasing the unknowns on the track increases everyone’s Xtreme Xperience.
  • John Raymond (Lead Instructor): I would have to say any hairpin/carousel after a straightaway or high-speed corners. Like Jim had said, getting them slowed down enough for that bend can be tricky. As well as teaching them to stay to the outside of the track for this first half, bring it back into the inside, and back out once again, all while still turning the same direction for a long carousel. It takes lots of patience to learn. 

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