10 Gifts That Every Driving Enthusiast Will Love


2015 Gift Guide For the Driver in All of Us

Throughout the course of the year, we kept watch for awesome new driving inspired products that drifted their way onto the racetracks we visited. Our eyes were peeled, as we spotted all types of new gear, whether it’s for a Sunday cruise, or your first ever wheel-to-wheel excursion, a lot of new items made their way onto our wish list, but only a few made it to this one. Now that our event tour has wrapped up, we thought we’d share our list of the 10 Best Driving Enthusiast Gifts we discovered in 2015.

image of santa under a supercar garage with car parts

Santa may not know what car guys need, but we sure do!

Wear these, if you want to look like a Driving Legend


  • Dirty Nails Bloody Knuckles:
    • This “one-man show” out of Toronto, blended his passion for performance cars and motorsports heritage, by rendering hyper-realistic sports cars he’s inspired by. When his designs are done baking, he serves them up on a platter for everyone to gawk at. Lucky for us! Come to the Xtreme office, and you’ll find a few articles of clothing from his online shop being worn.
      Image of DNBK T-Shirts and Wall Art

      DNBK T-Shirts and Wall Art

      While he favors European and Japanese sports cars, almost any car enthusiast will easily find at least one iconic version of the cars they either own or have dreamed of owning. We’re talking McLaren F1 GTRs, and Porsche 911s, Godzilla and more. DNBK makes it easy to show your true colors as an enthusiast, by creatively pushing out small batches of uniquely designed shirts and wall-art.

-Where to buy: DirtyNailsBloodyKnuckles Online
-Pricing: $19-$30
  • XX Gear:
    • Are you looking for a way to let everyone know you’re Supercar Xperienced on the track? It’s time to suit-up with some Xtreme Gear! Let’s face it, you’re going to look good in black and blaze orange either way. Don’t wait until we’re in town next, buy online and we’ll ship right to your house.

      image xtreme xperience merchandise

      Life’s too short to wear boring gear to the track

-Where to buy: Xtreme’s Online Shop
-Pricing: $29-$99

Driving Gloves:

  • Autodromo Gloves:
    • Autodromo’s Stringback Driving Gloves are the perfect mix of style and performance for any (type of) driver. Made with a Drum-dyed genuine sheep leather (palm) and 100% cotton crochet (back), these gloves are meant to provide grip on the wheel, while providing you with breathability for those summer days of driving down your favorite back-roads with the windows down.
      image of Santa in autodromo driving gloves in a lamborghini

      Santa sporting the Autodromo Driving Gloves

      The gloves come in four different color options, with multiple colorways. Check them out online, see link below.

-Where to buy: Autodromo Online
-Pricing: $125

Motorsports Inspired Watch

  • TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback Racing Watch:
    • If you’re a fan of motorsports – or at the very least, like McLaren – the watchmaker, Tag Heuer’s name should ring a bell. The Carrera series can typically be found on driving enthusiasts’ wrists, and in this particular racing inspired watch, laps at the track were top of mind during production. The reds, blacks and titanium carbon trim, remind us of what it’s like to gaze at the tachometer of a supercar. A sporty feature worth knowing about is the Flyback Function. As quickly as one of our cars switches gears, Flyback integration allows you time your laps at the track with precision.
      Image ofTAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback Racing

      Tag Heuers & Ferraris. What a Combo

      Like most quality timepieces, they are expertly crafted and produced in low quantities, just like an exotic supercar. Even more similar to a supercar, is the cost to own one. In the world of watches, this TAG would be considered to be moderately priced, but it will still run you a hefty $8,900 (MSRP). [Find more watches like this > WatchTime]

-Learn more here: TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback
-Pricing: $8,900

Driving Glasses

  • Serengeti Sunglasses – Enzo
      • You NEED a pair of these in your glove compartment! Can you imagine wearing any other sunglasses than the Serengeti Enzo’s, while driving a product from Mr. Ferrari’s very own factory in Maranello? We can’t! Serengeti eyewear products are made of some of the highest quality materials, and lucky for all of us driving enthusiasts, they had us in mind when they made the Enzo series of eyewear.
        Image of Serengeti Enzo Eyeglasses sunglasses in black and brown

        Serengeti Enzo’s in Black and Tortoise Shell

        These Italian driving inspired eye/sunglasses can incorporate your prescription, as they utilize a lens-clip with their Polar HD Lenses (more HERE). The frames and lenses are available in multiple different colors, boasting superior quality, visibility, and protection. Frankly, we’re surprised you’re still reading this, and not ordering a pair, right now!

-Where to buy: Serengeti Online
-Pricing: $270

From the Track to your Home


  • Linear Edge – Sculptures: 
    • If you have a dream garage, or a automotive inspired room in your home, you need one of these track maps inside of it. What else says “I LOVE Motorsports” better than a 3-foot sculpture of your favorite track; mounted next to a photo of you hoping out of a supercar at a racetrack?
      Image of Linear Edge Wall Sculpture of COTA

      Circuit of The Americas Wall Sculpture

      The range of racetracks they offer is quite impressive, and they even have several tracks that Xtreme has visited. Aside from the popular Formula 1 tracks on the menu, you’ll find tracks used for MotoGP, Enduro’s and more.

      -Where to buy: Linear Edge Online
      -Pricing: $160-$219
  • Racing & Emotion – Chairs:
    • “Anthony Jannarelly and Benoit Fraylon founded Racing & Emotion to bring the history and excitement of motorsports into the lives of enthusiasts on a daily basis.” (From Racing & Emotion online) This birthed two variations of high-quality, retro-styled chairs, sporting color matched liveries from a few of the greatest cars in the history of racing.
      image Racing & Emotion Chairs Art Ball gift guide

      Gulf Livery and Shelby Cobra Daytona, Art Ball Chairs

      Far beyond your average chair or random ebay find of the day… These are produced mostly by hand from master painters and upholstery craftsman, from the French city of Le MansThese bespoke chairs will surely make any racing fan drool, but acquiring a piece of furniture capable of creating such a stream of salvation will come at a price. Starting at $4700+ (Art ball) we’re sure that you won’t spotting one of these in just anyone’s home. Much the same as a Porsche 917 LM20E, Lotus 25 driven by Senna, or a Shelby Cobra Daytona. But hey… that’s life! (And we dig it!)

-Where to buy: Racing & Emotion USA
-Pricing: $4,750 (Art Ball) – $6,485 (Art Egg)

Driving/Racing Equipment

Helmet Storage

  • Sparco Cosmos Travel Bag:
    • As the name may suggest, this helmet bag is out of this world! This is one of the only bags on the market to integrate high-tech electronic ventilation systems into the bag itself. Thus, making it one of the coolest gadgets for racers and helmet owners alike. Without sacrificing portability, this bag allows you to store a full-size helmet, while keeping a HANS Device (See below) attached. This way, you can be ready to race at a moment’s notice, all the while you’ll know that your helmet has been air drying.Image of Sparco Cosmos Helmet Bag
      The bag’s ventilation system uses a compact fan located at the center of the bag and is equipped with a USB plug. This allows you to enable the fan, virtually anywhere – on the go or at your home. For further versatility, travelers will be happy to know there’s more than just a handle on the bag, as you can add an over-the-shoulder strap to remain hands-free during travel.

      Image of Sparco Cosmos Helmet Bag

      This Helmet Bag is Out of This World!

      We’re not currently using this device, but it makes for a great Christmas Gift, and we’d love to know how well it works. If you have one, make sure you let us know in the comments below.

-Where to buy: Sparco USA
-Price: $100

Safety First!

  • HANS Device – Sport II Series:
    • The HANS Device is one of the best safety/restraint products available to anyone stepping foot onto the track, next to it’s counterpart, the Helmet. Exceeding all SFI and FIA safety regulations, your noggin and neck are in good hands, with this device attached to your driver and/or passenger. By doing so, the HANS Device will dramatically decrease the risk of injury from high-speed impact, where your head and neck would normally be affected from whiplash. There are several models of the HANS Device, but generally they are made of the same components, which include a neck cradle, straps, and carbon fiber components to provide strength, while reducing the weight on your shoulders (literally).
      image of HANS Device Sport II Series

      I’d Sport this II if I were you!

      You can find HANS Devices on many sites, but Jegs has the Sport II Series for right around $500. We recommend this version for anyone, ameteur or professionals alike. Check it out here, and watch the demonstration video near the bottom of their page for more info.

-Where to buy: JEGS Online
-Pricing: $514

Automotive Care

Track Prep

  • Ammo NYC:
    • Don’t forget to keep your car looking fresh while you’re headed to and from track. AMMO NYC offers a premium line of interior and exterior car care products to help you improve or maintain the finish of your vehicle’s surfaces. Especially after it’s done getting used and abused on the racetrack. (No peppering is not attractive)
      Image of AMMO NYC Car Care Products

      AMMO NYC Car Care Products

      Larry Kosilla (Owner of AMMO NYC) spends almost as much time on the racetrack, as he does maintaining his classic Porsche; simultaneously, providing car enthusiasts with content to help you care for that piece of automotive excellence in your garage. In fact, he recently produced a Track Day Guide to help you understand what you should do to prep your car (and yourself), using AMMO products. Check it out below. 

-Where to buy: FoamPaint Cleanser / Brute Wheel Soap / Gelee Wheel Protectant
-Pricing: $14-$50

Looking for more Driving Enthusiast Gifts?

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Ultimate Gift for a Driving Enthusiast is…

image ferrari lamborghini porsche on racetrack with big red bows

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