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What’s the Catch?

What’s the catch? As the Chief Marketing Officer, it’s the question I get more than anything. So, in full transparency I’d like to show you a couple videos of my Xperiences and answer some common questions. Directly below you’ll find a video of my experience in a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. To demonstrate the…

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RUMOR: 2016 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4
Future lamborghini unveiling 2016

What’s next for Lamborghini? We recently heard that Lamborghini will be announcing, yet another new model to their lineup, and it may be a replacement to the beloved Aventador. Reports have said that Lamborghini is staged to unveil a new car at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, that will be ultra exclusive and cost $1.2…

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Your Track Day at NOLA awaits! NOLA Motorsports Park is a home away from home for Xtreme. The circuit you will experience is a 1.8 mile track with 12 turns, and a 3,200 foot straightaway. Designed with challenge and safety in mind, NOLA recently hosted Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana in 2015, solidifying itself as a worthy racetrack for professional events. NOLA’s gorgeous…

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#ThePursuit – Chris Clark: Road To Excellence
Featured image of chris clark thepursuit storty

This is Chris Clark, and he’s on #ThePursuit! Chris works behind the scenes at Xtreme’s events, and makes up one half of our team of technicians. Spot Chris at an XX event, you’d be hard pressed to catch him without a smile on his face, which is contagious. You’ve been warned! Chris has a natural ability to bring the…

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Has the Corvette Z06 finally reached Supercar status?
Photo of c7 z06 corvette xtreme xperience

The Z06 has set its targets on Italian Supercars. You are the one who can decide if it makes the grade The Z06 boasts 650 HP and 650 LB-FT of torque. You probably, don’t need to write anything more to be convinced this car is worth experiencing on a racetrack… but we’ll give it the…

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Get prepared for you Supercar Track Xperience at Raceway Park in NJ Raceway Park Road Course in Englishtown, NJ is a 1.35 mile road course that features a 50’ wide, 1,400 ft straightaway, a 90 degree right turn, a 16 degree banked left turn, and a mini corkscrew. This configuration is meant to challenge your…

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It’s Not Just a Supercar, But a Super Trofeo
photo by speedhunters - lamborghini super trofeo xtreme xperience

Experience a limited edition, Lamborghini on a Racetrack It’s quite ordinary to be blown away by anything that exits the automaker’s factory doors in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Considering the fact it’s supercars have been dropping jaws since ‘63 – yes, this should definitely be their new slogan. Which is perfectly understandable, considering Lamborghini’s status quo…

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Summit Point

Gearing up for your Supercar Track Xperience on the Jefferson Circuit at Summit Point Raceway? Summit Point Raceway is an amazing facility, that we are fortunate enough to visit often. Thankfully for us all, we get the opportunity to drive some of the world’s greatest supercars on the Jefferson Circuit, which is challenging for drivers of…

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Meet The Miura – The Car That Put Lamborghini on The Map
photo of the profile of red lamborghini miura by Jeremy Cliff

Lamborghini’s 1st Supercar, Miura, is still one of its BEST A Italian supercar built in the late 60’s and early 70’s, is worth it’s weight in gold to some collectors, which is why you hardly see them on the street. Like most classics, they cost a fortune to maintain, resulting in their inevitable fate as a garage…

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#ThePursuit – Bud T: Cycling for a Change
Featured image, #ThePursuit Bud Taylor

#ThePursuit Fan Submission, Bud When we received Bud’s Pursuit submission, we admittedly became a little emotional. Not because it’s a sad story for any reason, but reading he’s striving to accomplish restores your faith in humanity. Inspiring you to look in the mirror and ask yourself the hardest question – “What have I done to make a difference today?”….

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There is No Substitute for Experience

Forget the reviews, experience a supercar for yourself – at the track. Managing our social channels is quite entertaining, to say the least. It’s a constant stream of digital high fives (which we love), as well as debunking myths about our program and our cars being driven on a racetrack. But wait… There’s more! We’ll start…

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Gateway Motorsports

Gearing up for your Supercar Track Xperience at Gateway? Gateway Motorsports Park is located in Madison, Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis. The NASCAR-style oval connects to an infield road course which allows drivers to experience both sections of the track. Drivers build speed around the oval before entering the road course where…

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#ThePursuit – Brent D: Future Supercar Owner
featured image for supercar owner fan submission

Brent was the 1st to submit his Pursuit story to us, and for that we had to honor his enthusiasm with a feature on our blog. Brent is true fan of Xtreme’s and has been diligently checking in with us regarding his submission. Brent is only 32 years old with a lot of drive! His personal…

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photo of Tom with Xtreme Xperience on the Pursuit

Xtreme Xperience has always been on #ThePursuit to achieve new heights. We make sure we stay in our lane, but exploring the unknown has been part of our daily regimen, beginning with our first drive in a Lamborghini. Saying we ARE the “Xtreme Xperience” and being it are two [very] different things. Over time, we learned…

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Track Tested: 2015 Lamborghini Huracán
photo thumbnail lamborghini huracan featured image

A short time ago, I left you with my impressions of the Porsche 911 GT3. Even now, I am still in love with that car (Tiffany…call me). However, love is blind and everyone’s a critic. Just after the publication of that piece, I got a text from a buddy who published an outstanding review on…

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#ThePursuit – Adam Olalde: Growing Xtreme Through Experience

As Xtreme Xperience embarks on #ThePursuit campaign, we looked within our own organization to find out where our motivation has spawned from. Of course it was from the sound of a high revving V10 engine, but there were other factors involved. To begin, we’re starting with the Founder of Xtreme Xperience. We couldn’t pass up this…

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Xtreme Autocross Results – 7/11/15
photo xtreme xperience evo autocross

Xtreme Autocross Top Ten Times We had a great time with everyone who came to the Autobahn Country Club for autocross on Saturday, July 11th. The level of experience for our competitors ranged from, “never driven my car like this before”, to “I’ve driven this autocross course before, and I plan on beating that Pro’s…

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Behind the Scenes of Xtreme with SaabKyle04
picture xtreme xperience and saabkyle with lamborghini

In the world of Xtreme, our mission is to make exotic supercars accessible to everyone. In fact, it goes much further than that. Xtreme now has the opportunity to provide once in a lifetime supercar driving experiences to thousands of individuals each year. Void of the velvet ropes, and auto show type of experience; we’re talking…

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PRO TIPS: TAKING ON GingerMan Raceway – South Haven, MI

Gearing up for your Supercar Track Xperience at GingerMan Raceway? GingerMan Raceway is a road course located east of the town of South Haven, Michigan. This road course is just under 2 miles long, and is well balanced between the number of straights and turns. With a 1400 foot straight at GingerMan, you’ll have plenty of time…

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