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Top Tips to Prepare for YOUR Xperience
Top Tips to Prepare for YOUR Xperience

Ok, first off I’m super excited for you to join us. If you’ve driven with us before that’s awesome, welcome back! If this is your first time that’s also awesome! Experiencing an exotic supercar for the first time can be a little overwhelming and a lot exciting at the same time. So don’t feel like you’re…

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Get prepared for you Supercar Track Xperience at Raceway Park in NJ Raceway Park Road Course in Englishtown, NJ is a 1.35 mile road course that features a 50’ wide, 1,400 ft straightaway, a 90 degree right turn, a 16 degree banked left turn, and a mini corkscrew. This configuration is meant to challenge your…

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What’s the Catch?

What’s the catch? As the Chief Marketing Officer, it’s the question I get more than anything. So, in full transparency I’d like to show you a couple videos of my Xperiences and answer some common questions. Directly below you’ll find a video of my experience in a Porsche 911 GT3 at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. This was my first time…

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Old Man Winter is Killing Our Vibe
winter blue blog post thumbs down

We have the winter blues, here’s why There’s no doubt in our minds that all you future supercar drivers are getting equally as impatient as we are, to go rip a supercar around the racetrack. Which is why we’re NOT happy to say this, but… for the first time in Xtreme Xperience history, we’re unable to host…

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Xtreme takes flight with our 1st drone
xtreme xperience drone dji phantom unboxing featured image

We just got our first drone, and we’re pretty pumped! In the past, we have worked with a few different people to help us capture that “eye in the sky” content that everyone loves so much. In fact, some of you have asked us, “why don’t you guys have your own drone?” and to that we…

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Who’s ready to be DoctaM3 on a racetrack for a day?
doctam3 giveaway featured image

Enter for a chance to win a Lamborghini Huracán or Ferrari 458 Italia Xperience with DoctaM3! If you haven’t seen what DoctaM3 of Supercars Personified has in his garage, you have to check it out for yourself!  This local Pittsburgh native, and internationally known supercar collector has two of our favorite supercars in his garage…

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XXTV EP.3 – Here’s why we don’t have a Bugatti in our fleet
xxtv epidsode two blog feat img

This week on XXTV, we decided it was a good time to clear the air on a very common discussion we’re often involved in. The question we’re trying answer is “what makes a supercar a supercar?”, in addition to “Where’s the Bugatti (Veyron)?”. What we realized after three years and 75,000 track xperiences later, is…

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XXTV Ep.2 – From the Chicago Auto Show
xtreme xperience xxtv blog featured image chicago auto show episode 2

XXTV brings you the best of the Chicago Auto Show 2016 We’re not sure who left the door unlocked, but we busted out of the office to spend the day at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. Did someone say, “FIELD TRIP”!!! We arrived with the one goal in mind: Find out who had the best in performance cars, for 2016…

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UPDATE: The Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 Has Arrived
Future lamborghini unveiling 2016

What’s next for Lamborghini? [This post has been updated as of 3/1/2016] We recently heard that Lamborghini will be announcing, yet another new model to their lineup, and it may be a replacement to the beloved Aventador. International Geneva Motor Show set the stage for Lamborghini to unveil their all new One-Off Hypercar, commemorating the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s centenary…

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6 Reasons to check out XXTV
xxtv vlog featured image on blog

Our weekly web series, XXTV, is now on YouTube! Xtreme Xperience is filled with personalities from all over the country, and all walks of life. Stop by the office in Chicago or NOLA, and you’ll meet racers/instructors, car enthusiasts, thrill seekers, and people who love making your experience, XTREME! Join us at the racetrack for…

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What makes the perfect gift?
What's the Perfect Gift to give?

It’s a valid question. There was a time when I thought I knew the answer, but lately it seems that gifting has grown up a lot over the past few years and the perfect gift can be a wide variety of things. In my opinion the perfect gift has always been something that I knew went along with…

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The McLaren 570s – Love at First Sight

McLaren aims to bring the emotion back to driving with the 570s The newest model in the British marque’s lineup is a lightweight, twin-turbo V8 “sports car” that puts out numbers that are well within supercar territory. For the sake of an argument, and the fact that it’s predecessors (12c and 650s) utilize a very…

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2015 Was One Helluva Year
featured image 2015 year in review

Xtreme Evolves Into The Nation’s Premier Supercar Experience in 2015. When we started the year, we knew that we wanted to grow and improve every aspect of Xtreme. This way, we could provide each participant with an elevated experience, solidifying our program as the Nation’s Premier Experience. So, we drew up a plan that would put…

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How to Give the Gift They’ll Never Forget

Finding the perfect gift is a battle all in its own, but what if you’re giving something like a supercar driving experience? That’s not something you can simply wrap a bow on and call it a day. Especially since most of the time all you’re able to give is a printed confirmation email. Over the past…

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Watch: Time-lapse Ferrari 488 GTB Painting
image alex gabrian ferrari 488 gtb painting

Who wouldn’t hang-up this Ferrari painting in their home? If you hang around enough car guys/gals, you’ll quickly learn that their home decor usually consists of photos, paintings and models of their favorite cars. Typically, these take the place of high-profile artwork that you’d have to sell your kidney for. Like those people, we’d prefer to part…

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NOLA To Be Permanent Supercar Experience Destination
image xtreme xperience announce permanent location at nola motorsports park

Xtreme and NOLA Motorsports Park team up for year round Supercar Driving Experiences in 2016 After three years of cruising America’s highways and visiting dozens of racetracks, we’ve dropped the anchor at NOLA Motorsports Park in Louisiana. We frequently call NOLA our home away from home, because we’ve spent a significant amount of time at this…

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10 Gifts That Every Driving Enthusiast Will Love
featured image santa with racing helmet and gloves on gift guide driving enthusiast

2015 Gift Guide For the Driver in All of Us Throughout the course of the year, we kept watch for awesome new driving inspired products that drifted their way onto the racetracks we visited. Our eyes were peeled, as we spotted all types of new gear, whether it’s for a Sunday cruise, or your first ever wheel-to-wheel excursion, a lot…

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Holy Schnikes! We Made It To Our 100th Event!
100th event featured image

Three years and thousands of drives later, we’ve reached our 100th event! We’re currently at our second home, NOLA Motorsports Park, and we’re at an all-time high. As we wrap up our 2015 event season, a heavy focus has been placed on this coming year. Being said, it would be remiss of us to not mention the major milestone we’ve…

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Epic Track Battle with TF Works EVO X and Porsche GT3
image two xtreme xperience evo x by togue factory works

Can a TF Works, track prepped Mitsubishi EVO X, hold off a 991 Porsche GT3 at the track? At a recent event, our friends at Zero To 60 Times showed up to Hallett Motor Racing Circuit near Tulsa, OK, and needless to say they’re big fans of speed! Equipped with GoPros, and an appetite for some supercar track…

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Daily Dose of Supercars on Snapchat
featured image supercar snapchat xtreme xperience blog

Looking for supercar pics and videos on snapchat… Don’t worry, Xtreme Xperience has you covered. Get behind the scenes access, and be a part of all the supercar action each day. We take you on the road from racetrack-to-racetrack, give you sneak-peeks of new supercars in our fleet, and even give you an inside look at what projects are…

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