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18 Facts About Our Supercars You Need To Know
Colorful Fleet

Supercar manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, spend countless hours and dollars to develop the lightest, fastest, and most technologically advanced products on the road. Allowing their vehicles to be marketable and appealing to car enthusiasts, big spenders, and everyone in between. What’s their goal? Well, besides selling the pricey pieces of machinery… usually it’s to be…

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Sure, your Aventador needs a wide body kit

Coverage from SEMA this year showed us all, that custom wide body performance cars, are the ambassadors of CarPorn. Somebody even dubbed it, The Rocket Bunny Show. Despite the antics, Liberty Walk (LB Performance) enjoys taking some serious supercars, and tearing them apart; only to then piece them back together, creating one of the baddest versions in existence!…

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What does 3 laps on a track feel like in a Lamborghini Aventador?
Xtreme Xperience

When the opportunity presents itself to ride in one of the most expensive, highest powered, supercars on the road – you take it! Xtreme Xperience recently gave me the chance to get into the Lamborghini Aventador, for three laps around Autobahn Country Club’s 2.1 mile track. For many, just seeing this rare bull is enough…

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4 Simple Ways to Learn a New Track – Top Tips of Performance Driving

Visiting a new track is always fun, but make sure you do your research first. Top tips of performance driving on how to learn a new track for the first time. It can be quite intimidating driving on a racetrack for the first time, and no less doing so in a 500+ horsepower supercar doesn’t…

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Best Spoilers of the past 50 years
F40_wp0_1024 (Small)

Spoilers never hurt anyone, except movie-goers. Whale tail, duck tail, wing – whatever you want to call it it’s a spoiler, a vital part of a sports car to increase downforce and add some flare. Spoilers can make or break the look of a car and even some of the time define the car. Here’s…

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Entering a Golden Age of Cars

Supercars aren’t just insane works of art and engineering, but change the face of the car industry for years to come. Every year we see new concept cars released that unfortunately never seem to get produced. Although, with the release of the 918, P1, and LaFerrari and other fantastic supercars, the car industry has begun…

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Lamborghini Huracan Roaring into 2015

The Premier Supercar Driving Experience is bringing the hottest car in 2015 to a Racetrack near you. It’s official, Xtreme Xperience has the all-new Lamborghini LP610-4 Huracan on order! We can’t wait till ours arrives in early 2015. A few weeks ago we got our first sneak peak of the new Lambo. As the first Huracan in…

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The Supercar Academy Takes Over Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL

Take your love for exotic super cars one step further! We’ve taken our concept and pushed the boundaries with our latest offering, the Supercar Academy. Our half day program puts you in the driver’s seat of our fleet and teaches you the ins & outs of driving on racetracks with your very own private instructor….

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How You Can Drive the Nurburgring Like I Did!

Joe Moore, VP of Marketing for Xtreme Xperience, takes on the Nurburgring and checks another item on his bucket list. Earlier this month I took my vacation and spent it overseas traveling throughout Europe and experiencing a different part of the world I’d never seen before, and accomplish one of my lifelong dreams. Driving the…

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Can A BAC Mono Keep Up To the McLaren P1 at Silverstone

Would you have ever imagined that this little track car could hang with a McLaren P1? The BAC Mono is by far one of the coolest, and most performance driven of all the track day cars we’ve seen over the last few years (aside from track versions of current super cars). But could it be…

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Labor Day Sale – 25% OFF Any Supercar Track Xperience Nationwide

In honor of those who keep our country running day in and day out, we at Xtreme Xperience want to rev our engines and tip our hats to each and every one of you that makes our country so great! This Labor Day weekend we’re offering you 25% OFF ANY Supercar Track Xperience Nationwide! Use…

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How Xtreme Xperience Accepts the ALS #IceBucketChallenge
Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 5.31.16 PM

What happens when we receive numerous nominations for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge I’m sure you’ve all seen the #IceBucketChallenge going around social media lately. So after receiving numerous nominations, We decided to go big in our usual Xtreme Xperience fashion and nominate the whole team to join us in accepting the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. We’re also challenging…

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How the McLaren 12C can Save Your Life

The McLaren 12C (as it’s now known) is the first supercar to come out of the McLaren Workshop since the F1 back in the early 1990s’. With its’ innovative design and Formula 1 inspired technologies it is one of the most versatile and potent supercars on the road today. So how can the McLaren 12C…

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LaFerrari Buyers Willing to Pay Double

Couldn’t you have guessed that this would happen? With Ferrari’s latest accomplishment, major supercar collectors are bitting at the bit to own one. So much so they’re even willing to shell out TWICE the price! Ferrari is keeping a closed lid on the LaFerrari, only offering those exclusive Ferrari owners a chance at paying the…

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McLaren P1 GTR is a Reality

McLaren’s gone into OVERDRIVE since the release of the P1. This image has been circulating the web as of the past few weeks. And as with any concept design you have to take it with a grain of salt because we all know “it won’t look like that” as Jeremy Clarkson claims. At first this…

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Pro-Am Drift Competitor Drives with Xtreme Xperience
David Mesker - XX Video

David Mesker may go sideways for a living, but took a break to learn road course driving in our Supercar Fleet. Most kids at the age of 18 are enjoying their final days of summer before they head off for college and begin to think about what they want to do with their lives. David…

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Ferrari Goes Turbo with Future Models

Could the Future of Ferrari be Electronically-Driven Turbos? As we know, turbocharging is an efficient way of getting that extra power you’re looking for out of your engine even if you’re driving something as simple as a Mini Cooper S. With the recent regulations imposed on auto manufacturers to develop cleaner engines, turbos are becoming…

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What it’s Like to Drive a Lamborghini
Drive a Lamborghini on a race track

It’s not often you see a Lamborghini, but when you do there’s only one thing going through your mind… “Man if only I had that car I’d be tearing up the streets!” is what some people would say. Practicality doesn’t really enter our minds when we see beautiful exotic supercars driving around. And why would…

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